What is Scrip?

Purchase a gift card and we get a part of the sales!

Two ways to get your gift cards:


Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on “Join a Program”

Step 3: Enter this enrollment code: 81D6A92L18873

Step 4: When order is placed, choose “Presto pay” for payment, or you may send a check to Rockfield

What is Prestopay? It is a way to have your scrip payment direct debit from your personal checking account. ) you can use this also for buying e-gift cards and use right away.)

Paper Order form:

Step 1: Print out and fill out this order form: Scrip order form 2020

Step 2: Return to Rockfield office in envelope with payment. Please add “Attention PTA Scrip” to the envelope

Any questions?

Please contact the Scrip Chair, Laurie Seidel: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting the PTA through the Scrip program.!!

Laurie Seidel