Fall Marathon 2019

Rockfield Marathon fall 2019

S E P T 2 3 – 2 7  &  S E P T 3 0 – O C T 4
The Rockfield Elementary Marathon, hosted
by PTA, gives each student a fun and easy way
to complete a half (13.1 miles) or a full
marathon—26.2 miles!!
We encourage students to run or walk laps in
the school field (inside during bad weather)
during their lunch recess. The marathon
promotes physical fitness, while recognizing
students’ hard work, dedication and
Students will have two weeks to complete the
laps in the fall (and two weeks in the spring).
Laps are recorded daily by parent volunteers.
Students who run 7 laps a day (both fall and
spring) will complete a full marathon and
receive a medal at the end of the school year.
Students who complete a half marathon (13.1
miles) will also receive a medal. Let’s have
some FUN!
Parents and Caregivers:
Please have your child dress appropriately during the dates of
the marathon, including sneakers for footwear.
Please sign-up to help with the Marathon. You can:
• Hand out popsicle sticks to track the laps for the kids
• Monitor/document laps ran
• Announce time remaining/recesses ending
• Cheer on kids!
We welcome you to help at the Rockfield Elementary School
fields, from 11:25am-12:35pm. If weather is rainy or the field
is too muddy, the marathon will be inside and volunteers are
still needed.
To volunteer—go to:
Choose the dates you are able to help, click “Submit and Sign
Up”, and enter your name (email address optional if you would
like a reminder email).
Questions: [email protected]
Thank you so much!